What Is Computer Money Magic?

Founded in 2009,Computer Money Magic is an international research trading facility that specializes in automated forex software development, custom business software development, Digital token development (NFT's), Barter Exchange Development, Barter Dollar Sales, Robotic Trade Credit Sales, and international foreign exchange asset bartering.

*This is an education based entity that is operated from an international religious IGO named the Okonfo Atchingali Temple State of the Anamase Royal Alliance Council which engages in the optimal usage of self-created digital software and web architecture to negotiate private international barter agreements for goods and services with member groups,trusts, and organizations, who have agreed to participation through the use of their private community's designated membership token, which acts as a form of KYC for our administration who can now trace the origin of the member back to the group that introduced them to the facility.

*Any entity who wants to contribute to our research and publications can do so and receive a rebate of up to %35 back from any successful project that is completed by the facility. This is not to be mistaken for an investment, the donation will ultimately be used in research and optimization of our custom designs as a research facility and not a brokerage. Along with the unpredictability of this sector, there can be no guarantee to furnish returns.

The process starts with an entity filling out a service request form or a private agreement depending on the nature of the entity's request. Depending on the request, such as if it is relating to the automated trading software and facility, the entity will be required to complete a private service agreement which details the donation procedure and regulations.

If the entity chooses to engage with an automated trading project service, they are donating to optimize the use of a wide array of foreign exchange methods to conduct the process such as: automated MT4 trading of currency, historical international bond trading, international stamp trading, uncirculated world banknote trading, international barter dollar sales/bartering, and the manifest and sales of various trading platforms/software.

A contributor may initially start in a forex automation based project, but may receive a rebate from the barter and sales of uncirculated banknotes or our other assets in which we utilize to create the diversification of risk to minimize general losses. As we are contributors as well first and foremost, it is our collective responsibility to minimize any downturns or delays in the trading process through this type of diversification ensuring that we are able to maintain a wide array of research, tools, and resources that are educationally valuable to various communities internationally in our global humanitarian mission to help the marginalized/overlooked communities around the world.

*If a contributor has used fiat, it will be converted into a useable asset for international barter if the MT4 forex market conditions are too unstable. While the process of conversion, negotiation of interested parties in the transaction, and settlement procedure may require more time than an automated trade, it is a way to hedge the loss and create stronger international relations for the facility to use as a resource, thereby granting more optimal performance to the facility and the mission statement.

*All parties have been logged into various spreadsheets and member ecosystem accounts to keep track of transactions if the trading process is extensive and we have incurred a success in the project. We will have the accurate account of what was contributed and what can be/was rebated to the contributor. A contributor will sign a release statement confirming the rebate gift from the organization and the reason for the gift. The entity will be transferred the gift by the available methods of transfer within the organization at the time. If the member has not contacted us, we will hold the asset or the gift until we reach the member and keep an accurate record of their account as reference to be used upon the response by the contributing entity. All assets are held in safe deposit storage until notified of operation of a transaction or settlement of a contributor.

*It is called computer money magic because the results of a high powered international barter exchange network with custom trading ecosystem and private business service options operated by a spiritual organization, the results can be monumental as some of completed projects and books will attest to.

There are no registration requirements, just fill out the survey form so that we can properly process your service request, send the payment, and you're set... No more bothersome jargon or long hours of studying to participate in our software research service...

We will process the service request asap... This could take anywhere from one hour to one week or even a year depending on the details listed on your service request form. If a service request is taking longer than expected, we will contact you to inform you of the delay and possible reasons... Rest assured, we will eventually pull through with your request...

We accept every form of crypto from the Sovereigncoin Index exchange... If there is one that you would like to use that is not listed, please contact us and we will make arrangements for usage.

If the live support is available at the time of the purchase of your service request, you can choose to have your request processed in real time... Note: the time may vary depending on the market conditions to complete!!!

If you have any questions, are interested in affiliate/partnership info, custom service agreement, etc... please contact us at: computermoneymagic@gmail.com

Watch Video Of Our Trading Tools In Action:

In these videos above, you can see the a.i. bots in various trading scenarios as well as confirmation of actual trading as opposed to many programs.

Live Support:

If you would like faster processing of your service payment and rebate please call: 1-(516)-341-2862. We will be happy to walk you through the process.